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A walk with dolphins in Adler or Sochi is an unforgettable moment for any person. They will give you a lot of positive emotions and cheer you up for the whole day. In their natural habitat, these friendly creatures are happy to make contact and can arrange speed competitions with a yacht or boat.
A flock of three or four individuals, they will race next to you. Do not be surprised if tears of happiness appear on your face. This phenomenon has not yet been fully studied, but in terms of the strength of the positive impact on humans, dolphins have no equal. Duration 1 hour.

Departure at 8:00, 9:00

It's interesting to know!
1. Like humans, dolphins breathe through their lungs. They can suffocate and drown.
2. They have a very developed capacity for empathy. These mammals scan the emotional state of people, thereby showing themselves to be the best psychotherapists. For example, children with autism on a walk with dolphins experience significant relief from interacting with them.
3. Dolphins enjoy looking at themselves in the mirror. They recognize their reflection.
4. Their taste buds are incredibly developed. With them, they feel the presence of food around, the proximity of relatives, and even the potential for a threat.

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