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Fairy forest

Double board. The length of the route is 15 kilometers. Duration 1 - 1.5 hours.

4 000

Royal Bridge

Double bike. The length of the route is 35 km. Duration 2.5-3 hours.

8 000

VIP tour

Exclusive route. The price is for 1 hour

11 000

Mammoth Gorge

Double bike. The length of the route is 45 km. Duration 5-6 hours.

ATTENTION! Have a Russian passport with you

15 000

Tropical Aibga

Duration 9-10 hours. The package includes lunch.

ATTENTION! Be sure to have your passport with you!

50 000
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Our ATV tours run along the Mzymta River in the Adler District of Sochi and cover the most beautiful places in Krasnaya Polyana. You will drive through forests overgrown with moss, climb to the tops of mountains and be fascinated by the beauty of our city. The routes are quite long. In order to walk them on foot, it will take from 1 to 3 days. In addition to the beauty of nature, strong-willed people will appreciate the power of our machines. It's a real pleasure to fly through forests, swamps and riverbeds on a hardy and powerful ATV! See below for more details on tours:

Tour "Fairy Forest".

Length - 15 km. Duration 1 - 1.5 hours. The tour starts in the forest near the Mzymta River. Throughout the route, we will repeatedly cross mountain rivers, mud fords. The nature of Adler has prepared many interesting places and obstacles: steep ascents and sharp descents. Two stops are planned: The Wishing Tree, which is at least 300 years old. Experience the exhilarating feeling of anticipation of a miracle. An ancient tree will weed out all unnecessary and embody your most cherished desires. The second stop is planned in a gorge in a forest of evergreens covered with thick moss. A truly fabulous place.

Tour "Forest Waterfall"

Length - 23 km. Duration 2 hours. The route begins with a test drive of ATVs. Then you will go along the picturesque forest road up to the mountains. The road passes by the 100 year old Wishing Tree. Here, in the shade of a deciduous forest, on a high swing, you can feel like children again. There are two stops planned on the route: in the picturesque valley and on the observation deck. Breathtaking views of the mountains and rivers of Sochi will not leave you indifferent. Then the road leads to a beautiful small waterfall that fills the surrounding air with coolness and the sound of water. At the end of the route around the ring, we will return to the starting point.

Tour "Royal Bridge"

Length - 35 km. Duration 2.5-3 hours. The route begins with the excursion "Fairytale Forest". On impassable mud fords and winding forest roads, you will rush higher into the mountains. The path will pass along the remnants of the Silk Road to the Royal Bridge. You can drive across the bridge on a quad bike, go down to the water. The most daring will be able to pass under the bridge. Here it will be possible to take unique photographs filled with the ancient history of our city. Further, the route rushes higher and higher into the mountains, past a huge canyon to the observation deck. Breathtaking views of the rocks, mountains and the Mzymta River. From the observation deck you can watch the extreme entertainment of Sky Park visitors.

Tour "Mammoth Gorge"

Length - 45 km. Duration 5-6 hours. This route starts from the "Fairytale Forest", includes a trip to the Royal Bridge. Then you will climb the boxwood alley high into the mountains. Since the route passes through the Russia-Abkhazia border zone, it will be necessary to go through the procedure for checking documents (passports of the Russian Federation). You will get to the Mamon Gorge. The unforgettable beauty of the waterfall, the coolness of the mountain lake will not leave anyone indifferent. You can take beautiful photos, relax and swim in the cool water. A picnic will be organized here: delicious barbecue, pita bread, vegetables and fruits. The cost of lunch is included in the price.

Tour "Tropical Aibga"

Duration 9-10 hours. The ATV route starts from the "Fairytale Forest", includes a trip to the Tsarsky Bridge, continues along the "Mamonov Gorge" and rises above the village of Krasnaya Polyana. Aibga village is located behind the Aibga ridge. The village itself is divided into 2 parts by the Psou River. More than a century and a half ago, the first platoon of the second company of the Caucasian Linear Battalion was found here. A new story, the 21st century passed by the village of Aibga. Everything here is filled with history: huts, chickens and livestock, rural life, architecture of the 19th century. You will visit the highest waterfall in the Krasnodar Territory. The total height of the three steps is 75 m. The height of the mountains will allow you to admire the beauty of the Gagra Range of Abkhazia. At one of the stops, we will make a halt with lunch: delicious barbecue, pita bread, vegetables and fruits. The cost of lunch is included in the price of the tour.

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