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From the shore

Total time: about 30 minutes. After diving, we offer guests hot tea, coffee, cognac.

2 500

From a boat

Diving is carried out in places with the most beautiful underwater flora and fauna. The mountain range that forms Cape Vidny stretches along the bottom of the sea. You will see underwater rocks with mussels and algae. Here the sea is cleaner and more transparent than in other places in Khosta.

Duration: 2 - 2.5 hours.

2 500

To the sunken ship

Dive from a boat to 19 meters to the sunken ship Pervanche. Penetration through the hatch inside. An enemy torpedo damaged the stern (rear) of the ship. Other parts are in good condition.

GPS coordinates:

Latitude 43° 33'
Longitude 39° 44'

Duration: 3 - 3.5 hours

6 000

Dive safari

Diving from a boat in the area of Cape Vidny and exploration of the sunken ship Pervansh

Duration: 5-6 hours.

Lunch at the end of the dive.

9 000
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Dive into the mysterious underwater world of Neptune. The Black Sea is ideal for a first, trial dive. Together with an instructor, you will learn how to breathe underwater using a regulator and atmospheric tanks on your shoulders. See how the body will react to the state of weightlessness and complete freedom. Learn to understand the sign language that scuba divers use to communicate.

Diving for beginners is an exciting and safe entertainment that every vacationer at the resort who has reached the age of 7 can afford. The age limit is related to the child's ability to control their actions under water and correctly follow all the recommendations of an experienced instructor.

Scuba diving is carried out as part of a mini-group. There are no more than 2 novice divers per instructor.

For your comfortable swimming, the diving club provides:

  • modern and reliable Italian equipment, which is selected individually for the diver;
  • necessary instruction and support from professional diving instructors;
  • insurance for professional divers;
  • certificate of first diving experience for beginners in Sochi;
  • disinfection of regulators and masks after each use.


  • full face mask - 500 rubles.
  • video filming with professional video editing - 500 rubles.
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2 500

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