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Robinson R44

Capacity: 3 passengers + pilot

52 500

Eurocopter AS350

Capacity: 5 guests + pilot

123 000
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We offer exciting helicopter rides in Krasnaya Polyana. Picturesque mountain panoramas of the Estosadok resort and surrounding villages will open before you.

Important information:

  • Robinson R44 is suitable for groups of 2-3 passengers, Eurocopter AS350 seats up to 5 people.
  • Standard program - 15 minutes. If you want a longer panoramic excursion, please inform the manager and he will select a longer route.
  • The cost depends on the copter model.
  • Please inform the manager when booking the start date and time of the walk. To do this, call us at +7(918)441-11-21 or write to What's Up. We respond almost instantly.

Enjoy the incredible experience of helicopter rides over Krasnaya Polyana and the village of Esto-Sadok. We offer a unique holiday option that allows you to experience the beauty of the region from the heights of the air. Today our services have become available to resort guests who are interested in aviation and air excursion programs. Safety is the most important point, so flights are carried out on our modern and reliable Robinson and Eurocopter helicopters, the sides of which are equipped with the necessary navigation equipment for a comfortable flight. Book your air wingsuit today!

We care about your comfort and convenience. Take-off is carried out from specific locations to ensure maximum safety and provide the best view of the impressive landscapes of Krasnaya Polyana. Unlike an airplane, a helicopter takes off from a standstill and does not require a runway. Hurry up to enjoy the incredible views that will open from a bird's eye view. Fly over mountains, forests, ski slopes and global chain hotels. These emotions will be a priceless gift for everyone. What better way to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion than to give your friends or family an unforgettable experience?

For your convenience, we work daily. Choose a time that suits you and contact us to book your excursion. We guarantee that we will find the most convenient option. Our helicopter tour programs over Krasnaya Polyana are varied; the pilot will take into account individual wishes. If you want to fly to certain places or see specific attractions, let us know and we will do our best to make your dream come true within the allotted travel time.

Don't miss the opportunity to experience vivid emotions from a helicopter excursion in Krasnaya Polyana. We guarantee a high level of service. Experience an unforgettable adventure right now! For detailed information about the conditions for placing an order, contact us by phone +7 (918) 441-11-21. We will answer any questions and help you plan fabulously beautiful helicopter rides in Krasnaya Polyana.

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