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Video clip

The package includes a video clip lasting 1 minute, 50 photos and video segments. The camera is mounted on the drone. The drone is launched directly from the shore.

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Sea voyages on a yacht cause a lot of positive emotions that you so want to capture for a long memory and show to friends at home. We invite you to create a video and save endlessly beautiful moments of happiness on a yacht during a sea holiday.

A professional videographer will film a walk from the side, and you will receive a edited video lasting from 1 minute, as well as about 50 high-quality photos and video segments.

Believe me, even if you are a happy owner of a camera, it is better to entrust video shooting to the operator. He will launch a drone into the sky, which will make amazing views from a bird's eye view!

We are waiting for you to shoot a video that Hollywood stars would envy!

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7 000

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