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Water bikes are the best option for active recreation. Riding them has become not only a popular pastime that allows you to walk long distances, but also a great way to improve your health. Moderate physical activity of vacationers helps to increase endurance, stimulate metabolic processes in the body, and improve mood! Rest on the sea guarantees a charge of positive energy.

The rental of water bicycles-catamarans will be appreciated by people who watch their figure. On a trip without much stress, the muscles of the legs and abs are trained, and calories are burned.

Making an order on our website is easy and simple:

  • choose your favorite entertainment in Sochi or Adler and click the "Order" button;
  • make a minimum advance payment (this is necessary so that we understand that you really will come to ride, otherwise the catamaran will be idle in vain);
  • receive a booking confirmation on your phone and e-mail along with a cash receipt and come to rest.

Be sure you will experience a lot of positive emotions!

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