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Сдать катер яхту в аренду


We receive a commission only for the order that we find for you


You yourself determine the conditions for renting your yacht or charter

Clear and
affordable service

You can quickly add a yacht to the site, and the client can easily book it

Turn your yacht into a source of profit
and cover its maintenance costs
You decide when, where and under what
conditions you lease your boat or charter
The client receives reliable information
about the vessel and its conditions directly from you
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the commission for attracting a client?
Placing your ship on the site is FREE. We receive only a fee for using the service 20% of the cost of booking a yacht on the site. We will receive this sum of money from the client as a prepayment after you confirm the order. The client will pay you the rest of the money directly on the yacht.
You can also fix the price that you want to receive from the client "off the books". In this case, the fee for using the service will be calculated individually and it may be more or less than 20%, depending on the complexity of finding a client.
Can I place the information about several yachts on the site?
Yes, we have provided everything to make you comfortable. Just when registering, indicate the amount of your boats.
What information about the yacht will be displayed on the site?
During the registration process, you yourself determine what information about your yacht to post on the Renteto information service. A letter confirming that your vessel is placed on the site will be sent to the email address you specified.
What if my ship is in another city or country?
When registering, indicate the country, city and port. Do not forget to indicate the contact person who will meet the client on the spot.
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