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+ What are the advantages of your service?

We have created an Internet platform on which shipowners and entertainment organizers post information about their vessels, conditions, booking costs and additional services and entertainment.

You get first-hand information and you can choose and book your favorite option. Thus, when booking a yacht or boat through our service, you will bypass a lot of agents, intermediaries.

You do not overpay for the rental of the selected vessel, as the price is indicated not by the intermediary, but by the owner himself.

Nobody bothers you in the street and does not impose a “profitable” option. In a relaxed, homely atmosphere you can get comprehensive information on any vessel and book a yacht as easily as a hotel in another city.

It is a known fact that the best yachts and boats are in high demand and, by renting a vessel directly at the port, you are limited by choice, because the best yachts are often at sea. Booking a vessel through our service, you can book a yacht for a long period of time and you will be sure that the owner of the vessel will be waiting for you on the appointed day and the appointed time.

+ Do I overpay for booking a vessel on the site?

No. The cost indicated by the owner of the vessel on the site is unchanged. You are not overpaying anything.

During the booking process, You make a prepayment, usually 10-30% of the total rental price, which is calculated automatically. You pay the remaining amount in the port directly to the owner or his authorized representative, whose contacts we will send you by e-mail.

We take the advance payment as a guarantee that you will rent the vessel on the date indicated by you, as well as for the information support provided for the booking process.

+ Does the cost change if I rent a vessel for a long time?

As a rule, the owners give discounts to customers who rent a vessel for a long time. Therefore, it is economically viable to rent a vessel not for an hour, but for several hours or even days at once. We especially draw your attention to the fact that if you decide to rent a vessel for 1 day, then, as a rule, many owners provide discounts up to 60%. Detailed information on the amount of discounts is given in the description of the yacht.

+ How to find a yacht on the website?

You can use the search on the home page of the website or go directly to the catalogue, which contains a complete list of all swimming facilities. For your convenience, we have created a convenient system of filters and information sorting in the catalogue.

Please note that by specifying one or another parameter as a filter, the information will be updated automatically, bypassing pressing additional buttons. Choosing a vessel, you will see all the information that its owner has posted, including technical specifications, additional equipment, services and prices.

+ What is a standard reservation?

A standard reservation is a reservation that you can make at any time. We understand that your plans may change, that is why we have provided that you can cancel your reservation free of charge more than 72 hours from the reservation start day.

If you cancel the reservation less than 72 hours before its start, the money will not be returned to you, and the payment you made will compensate for the losses incurred by the Owner to prepare the vessel for you.

+ How to book a vessel on the website?

After choosing the vessel you like, click on the "Order" button to go to the booking page. Indicate information about the desired start date and time, duration of the lease, number of passengers, contact phone number, e-mail and click the "Place" button. After checking the availability of the yacht, we will contact you and offer to make an advance payment.

You can also make an advance payment immediately at the stage of placing an order, the money will be reserved on a credit card until receipt of confirmation from the shipowner. If the yacht is unavailable for the indicated time and date, we will offer another vessel of the same class or we will remove the reservation of funds on your bank card. After receiving a confirmation from the owner, the funds will be debited from the bank card, and the reservation confirmation will be sent to you by e-mail.

+ Can you guarantee the security of a bank payment?

Renteto service uses SSL cryptographic protocol, which provides data encryption to preserve the complete confidentiality of the transmitted data. In addition, to make a payment, we transfer you to a secure page of the Bank's payment system, which meets the most stringent information security standards of the Bank itself.

+ What to do after booking a vessel on the website?

After the fulfillment of the advance payment, the selected vessel will be booked at the indicated date and time. At the time of booking there will be an e-mail which confirms your reservation and indicates date, time, duration of the lease of the vessel, the name of the yacht or boat and the contact details of the shipowner or his authorized representative. A service representative will contact you on the day of booking.

+ How do I find a rented boat in the port?

The priority in Renteto is the best service for our customers! This is one of the key differences between Renteto and similar services. A trustee of the shipowner will contact You in advance in order to arrange a meeting place in the port, from where you will go together to the deck of the ship. Be sure that with Renteto service you will directly go to the deck of the vessel that you have chosen. We will make every effort to ensure that your vacation is filled exclusively with positive emotions.

+ Is it possible to order optional services in addition to the rental itself?

Yes of course. The owner of the vessel or his authorized representative can arrange for you optional services that are indicated on the website in the description of the vessel. The most popular services are catering / buffet, photography session, jet skiing in the open sea and many others.

+ Is it possible to prolong the charter duration?

Yes, of course. Just call us back at the phone number indicated in the "Contacts" section.

+ Is it possible that I have booked a vessel, but it will not be in port?

After receiving the information about your reservation, the bank blocks the funds on your bank card so that we can contact the owner of the vessel and receive confirmation of the availability of the vessel on the date and time indicated by you. After receiving the confirmation from the owner, the money will be debited from your bank card, and the confirmation of reservation will be sent to you by e-mail.

+ What if the weather conditions do not allow sailing in the sea?

If, due to the weather conditions, sailing may constitute life-threatening situation, or the port is closed, the owner will agree with you on a different time of renting the vessel. If for some reason you do not want to postpone the date of a boat trip, the money will be returned to you.

+ What will happen if the ship turned out to be defective?

Despite the fact that the owners carefully monitor the serviceability of their watercrafts, a yacht is a complex technical mechanism and may be out of order on the indicated date. In this case, the owner will coordinate with you a journey on another vessel. If for some reason you do not want to rent another vessel, money will be returned to you.

+ May I cancel my reservation?

Yes, you may. If you decide to cancel the standard reservation earlier than 72 hours in advance, all money will be returned to you. To do this, send an email to service@renteto.com, indicating your name, contact phone number, email address, Booking Confirmation number, reason for return, amount of refund, date of payment, payment method and details of your bank card for transferring to you money . If you have any questions, please contact us by phone indicated in the "Contacts" section.

+ How to contact you?

All contact information is provided in the "Contacts" section. We will be grateful for any feedback, both positive and negative. This will allow us to become even better!

+ There is no answer to my question

Contact us by e-mail service@renteto.com or the contact phone number indicated in the "Contacts" section, and we will answer all your questions.

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