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Вook a yacht

Three easy steps to your dream

Especially for you, we have created an easy and convenient online service for booking yachts and entertainment.

  1. Step 1. Choose your boat or service.
  2. Step 2. Indicate the date, time and duration of the lease. The cost will be calculated automatically. Fill in the contact information and click the "Complete" button. Once we receive an order from you, we will contact the shipowner or entertainment organizer and reserve a boat or attraction for you and call you back.
  3. Step 3. The manager will call you back within 10-15 minutes, confirm the order and send a link for payment by e-mail. After receiving the money, we will send you a cash receipt for the amount of the payment made and an official confirmation.

Done! We are waiting for you on the appointed day.

It is important: please arrive 15-20 minutes before the appointed time. In case of delay, the duration of the lease is reduced by downtime.

How to cancel a reservation for a yacht or entertainment?

You can cancel a standard reservation free of charge no later than 72 hours before the start of the rental, otherwise the money will not be returned.

Send an email to service@renteto.com stating:

  • number and date of your order;
  • Full name, client’s e-mail and contact number;
  • payment details of the bank card with which the payment was made;
  • date and amount of payment made;
  • the reason of the refund.

A service representative will contact you and inform about the refund.

It’s interesting to know.

Before booking a yacht, see how one type of boat differs from another and what advantages it has. All vessels offered a RENTETO are equipped with the necessary equipment and are safe. We work with responsible shipowners and offer four types of yachts to choose from:

  • Motorized. The combination of drive, speed and comfort. Sometimes comparable to racing cars, at a speed the engine makes a specific noise. They are universal - suitable for short trips to the sea and travel for a day. There is practically no pitching, you can go out in any weather. Standard capacity of a small vessel is up to 11 people.
  • Sailing. The embodiment of romance, the beauty of lines and harmony. Such vessels are equipped with a motor, which is included only for maneuvering without wind and for mooring. Sailboats are economical because fuel consumption is much lower. Hold up to 8-11 people.
  • Catamarans. Large deck space, water stability and safety. Suitable for trips with children, walks, holidays. They are equipped with a sail and a motor. Hold up to 11 people.
  • Powerboats. For active and sportive guests. The boat is good for short trips or active sports. Ideal for inexpensive leisure and entertainment. Capacity up to 6 people.

Whatever your choice, we guarantee you a flood of positive emotions and endless pleasure. We are waiting for you!

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