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Group yacht trips in Sochi with payment per person are an excellent opportunity to enjoy the sea, see dolphins, swim and recharge with positivity. You don't need to think about anything. Just buy a ticket on the website and reserve a place on the yacht. As the group gathers, we will inform you when we start our mini-trip around the Sochi water area.

The route is standard. We will go a few kilometers away and walk along the coast so that you can enjoy all the beauty of nature and the embankment. It is beautiful from the water area.

Duration - 60 minutes.

Gathering place - sea terminal (Sochi, Voykova str., 1)

After purchasing a ticket, the manager will contact you and discuss the details. Bring an original or copy of your passport for adults and a birth certificate for children. These documents may be needed on board.

PROMOTION! Children under 5 years old accompanied by their parents are free on the yacht. If you have a child under 5 years old with you, be sure to notify the manager by calling +7 (918) 441-11-21 to reserve a free place.

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