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Flight for 1 person

Price for 1 person for 10 minutes in the air. Total time including takeoff and landing 15 minutes.

6 000


Free 10-minute discounted flight for 2 guests at the same time.

9 000


Mom, dad and me a friendly family! Flight for 3 daredevils for 10 minutes in the sky.

13 000
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Parachute over the sea is the most demanded sea entertainment. You can soar in the open air and the feeling of wild delight will fill the heart of the whole flight! Lifting and lowering is controlled by a qualified specialist. You may not know anything about the rules of parachute control - competent employees will do all the work. Enjoy the beauty of our city. The parachute rises to a height of up to 100 meters.

Takeoff and descent as safely as possible from a boat. A parachute flight over the sea in Sochi is possible, both for one person, and for two or even three at the same time.

Pay attention to the restrictions. Under standard conditions, it is possible to lift one person or a group of people weighing no more than 180 kg. If it exceeds the indicated mass, the flight must be agreed with the instructor in advance.

Would you like more impressions? Ask the captain to perform a splashdown during the flight. It's unforgettable! Drive, speed, the sea under your feet - all this will cheer you up and fill you with crazy adrenaline.

Does your wife or girlfriend not want to go up in the air? We offer escort without a flight. This service is popular in Sochi among mothers with children who accompany the head of the family on his air journey. To book the service, click the "Order" button and make a symbolic prepayment. For us, it will be a guarantee that you will come to fly. Payment is made directly on the site. We guarantee 100% online payment security.

We are waiting for you and wish you a great vacation!

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6 000

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