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Length 13 m
Includes up to 10 guests
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Tariff for boat trips from 1 hour

11 000 /hour


from 3 hours

For Lovers to swim, sunbathe and relax

10 500 /hour


from 5 hours

For birthday people and lovers of holidays on a yacht

10 000 /hour


Suitable for swimming in other cities

84 000 /24 hours


Go on your dream cruise

580 000 /1 week

A yacht named "Ariadne (model Dufort Atoll 43) from a French enthusiast and engineer Michel Dufort. This model is exclusive and there are about ten such yachts in the world. This project was launched in just three years, our yacht was built in France in 1999. Maximum length 43 feet (13.1 meters) and insanely wide 4.64 meters. Up to 12 people can be on board at a time. For the convenience of our guests, the yacht travels with a crew of two people (captain and sailor) and accommodates 10 passengers.

This project was built specifically for charters, so ergonomics of design deserve special attention. The company familiar to all cabins is put on deck and does not affect the living space of the yacht. The galley, a kitchen familiar to all inhabitants, is also located on the upper deck and includes a stove with an oven, which is suspended, so that you do not have to catch pots during pitching. All work surfaces with sides, which makes it impossible to fall or slide products or dishes. There is also a dishwasher with hot and cold water.

A sufficient number of shelves to store food and other things. The galley also has two capacious adjacent refrigerators, which operate on 12 Volts and autonomously from the engine. Do not worry, the products in the sea will not deteriorate and there will always be cold drinks. In the cockpit, instead of all the usual winches, blocks, shoulder straps, halyards and heaps of rope, there are leather sofas and two folding tables. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are comfortable right away with eight persons.

The main feature of the yacht is a panoramic roof. For music fans, there is Pioneer musical equipment on board with Blue Tooth connectivity and a subwoofer, amplifiers and speakers. On the bow made a special area for sunbathing. It is made especially comfortable and is located in a niche with a soft pillow. Safety is especially appreciated by a family with children, because no one will drop overboard even with a significant roll of the yacht.

Sailing, then the Bermuda sloop is used. There is a staysail on a twist and a grotto familiar to all. All cables are removed so as not to interfere with the rest of the guests. In case of a storm there is a storm set of sails, so be sure that we are not afraid of any winds. A 42.6 kW diesel engine is installed in the aft, so in the residential part it is almost inaudible. Two helms are convenient for skippers and a convenient photo area for guests for wonderful shots. If there is a desire to learn how to control a sailing vessel, the skipper will always be able to correct the course without expelling or pulling out the helm from the guest.

As for the living space, I want to emphasize once again that the yacht was built specifically for the charter, which means that it has a lot of lockers and cabinets. The yacht has 4 cabins. The nasal is divided by a septum, and if a family travels with children, the septum can be removed and two penitents turn into one. There is a latrine and hot shower on each side.

We hope that we were able to describe the beauty Ariadne as detailed as possible. This is truly a wonderful and comfortable yacht in every sense. We will be waiting for you on board and are ready to go on the journey of your dreams right now!

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Dufour Atoll 43


Sunbathing net

Ice machine

Nose cushion


Microwave oven




Air conditioning


Pet friendly


Fishing gear

Gas stove


Electric stove

Hot water

Cold water






«AIS» (automatic identification system)

Additional scooter

Fishing rods

Additional boat

Special conditions
  • we will refund money or change time of rent in case of storm

  • free-of-charge cancel of booking not later than 3 days before the day of rent

  • the tariffs do not include:

    — harbor dues when visiting other cities,

    — waiting time of yacht in other port,

    — customs dues when crossing the border of the Russian Federation or other countries,

    — movement at high speed for more than 5 minutes per hour.

  • The service administration accepts no responsibility for lost things and jewelry on the yacht

Please, inform us of your plans beforehand to choose an individual offer.

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