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The price includes fishing in a group of up to 11 people for 3 hours with the preparation of the catch

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Do you want to catch fish on the high seas, but do not want to spend money and rent an entire yacht for this? We have an excellent solution for you - group sea fishing in Adler, when you pay only for yourself. The number of fishermen in the group is up to 10 people and as much as 3 hours of fun. A great way to meet new people, catch a bucket of fish and cook it right on deck. We will leave as soon as we have the required number of applicants.

Ask what is found in the Black Sea? Our guests most often catch red mullet, horse mackerel, hake, croaker and perch. But the point is not even what trophy you will have today, the very atmosphere that surrounds sea fishing from a boat or yacht is much more attractive.

Experienced captains know the baited places, and a professional echo sounder will not miss a single flock. Be sure that a good mood for the whole day is guaranteed. In Adler, it bites even on a bare hook, if you want something exotic, you can try catching shrimp.

BONUS - for RENTETO clients transfer in the area of ​​the Olympic Park is FREE OF CHARGE

We work all year round
Opening hours 09:00, 12:00, 15:00
The price includes: fishing rods, tackle, spinners
Duration of group fishing 3 hours
If you want to relax with friends or family without prying eyes, then individual yacht charter in Adler will help you. Fishing rods as a gift from the RENTETO service.

Warranty for the best price Renteto
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2 200

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Yacht club in the port near the hotel "Imeretinsky" (Adlersky district, Morskoy Boulevard 1)

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